LEJOG – Postscript

In memory

In 2001 I lost both my father Maurice Pewsey and Mother-in-Law Margaret Weilding to Cancer. This website and the money raised from the trip in aid of MacMillan Cancer Relief is dedicated to their memory.

Maurice Pewsey

1922 – 2001

Margaret Weilding (nee Jones)

1932 – 2001

Would I do it again?

Yes, or something similar. We all enjoyed the trip – and each other’s company – so much that we are keen to do another. Perhaps something in France taking in a few classic Tour de France mountain stages just to see what they are like. (Since writing this we have done many more trips including a trip to the Alps climbing Galibier, Alpe D’Huez and the mighty Ventoux. Superb!)

Would I recommend it?



We all enjoyed the route and wouldn’t really change much of it in hindsight. Particular highlights though were the mountain route to Tongue, as well as our route through Cornwall and the West Coast of Scotland via Arran.


Bridgewater, Avonmouth, and the A82 through the Great Glen. The route we ended up doing out of Dumfries I also wouldn’t advise as very busy with traffic.

What would I miss the least now that we’d finished?

Tight fitting hot and steamy lycra shorts, anything pasta and Tracker chocolate bars.


Key to enjoyment to the whole trip was travelling light meaning we didn’t have to carry lots of weight up the hills. We kept everything so much to a minimum that their really wasn’t anything we didn’t use. Most (not all) YHA’s have washing machines these days so with the combination of modern quick drying cycle clothing, we only had 2 sets of cycle clothing to alternate each day, a pair of normal shorts for the evening, a lightweight fleece jumper and ronhills for cold weather, and a waterproof reflective cycle jacket for wet weather. I also had a pair of nylon waterproof overshoes to keep my feet dry.

The cycling leg and arm warmers available today are definitely worth an investment along with a windstopping gilet which keeps you warm without over heating. These items alone offer many combinations and give you loads of flexibility.


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