The 2011 Exmoor Classic Car Trial

Sunday January 30th and I join Keith on another ACTC Trial. This time the 2011 Exmoor Classic Car Trial run by North Devon Motor Club. 


For those not familiar with Class Car Trials the event consists of ‘Classic’ cars attempting to clear a number of stages or ‘Sections’ which typically are testing stretches of farm tracks, green lanes, muddy or slippery fields of short duration. If you get to the top of the Section without stopping, (unless you have a Section which dictates you stop at a certain point and ‘Restart’),  or without hitting any  of the marker posts you get a clear and no penalty points.  If you don’t make it to the end for whatever reason then you get awarded penalty points. You can get a maximum of 12 penalty points per Section which reduce to 0 the closer you get to the Section finish.


To further complicate matters, you usually get 2 ‘Special Sections’ where you are timed from the start to when you cross the Section finish line. These are then added to your score and act as a sort of tiebreaker.

Cars are split into about 8 classes depending on what they are, e.g. standard road vehicles or specialist trials vehicles or something inbetween. Everything from Ford Escorts  to Austin 7’s and classic MG’s compete in the events. Clearly 4wd is not allowed or anything that might give an unfair advantage such as limited slip diff’s for instance.


A cold but glorious day saw us clear all bar one Section where we failed a restart and gained 5 penalty points Other than that it was fairly uneventful apart from 2 punctures – one of which was on the M5 on the way home. Changed in less than 5 minutes we were back on the road. Team Williams, eat your heart out!

The results have been published and we won our Class by a country mile … the nearest car to our 5 penalty points being 52 penalty points! We also came 4th overall in all the classes so a very successful and enjoyable day out.


The results have been published by the ACTC and are available at the following link. We were entry number 69 in Class 5.

ACTC Trials

North Devon Motor Club







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