Motorsport is a dangerous sport. – Torbay Classic Car Trial 2011

Yesterday was the Torbay Motor Club’s (TMC) 2011 Torbay Classic Car Trial event. 90 motorcycles and car’s took part which fortunately didn’t require the services of the Devon Air Ambulance this year ( See my following blogpost on the 2010 event.)  – although at one stage we thought it might be needed but more of that later. 

ACTC Torbay Classic Car Trial 2011

(Photo: Mike Chatwin creating an atmosphere on Wooston Steep)

In fact the gentleman involved in the accident last year did compete again this year and, I am glad to say, finished the event without any major incidents!

It was a glorious day and I navigated for Keith in his Schmitar SS1 again who is at the top of the leaderboard after a blistering start to this year’s trialing season. However our trial was short lived after 4 good sections when his clutch cable snapped and that meant retirement. We managed to limp home and headed out to spectate at some of the later sections in the woods near Clifford bridge on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park.

Two good testing sections. One very steep with a restart half way up for some of the classes, and the second a long, and again steep section with a sharp twist right at the top and again a restart if you made it that far!

We enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon watching the competitors until the last but one car, an Austin 7, attempted the longer of the 2 sections.  It managed to get some of the way up before coming to a stop and this was where things started to go wrong. Sliding backwards the driver lost control and the car managed to get its self at an alarming angle as one part of the track dropped away. Almost in slow motion the car began to tip and rolled on to its side, upside down and on to the opposite side and coming to rest on a tree. Thanks to the prompt actions of a marshall, he somehow managed to prevent the car toppling back upside down. With horror we started to rush towards the scene to offer help fearing the worst.


ACTC Torbay Classic Car Trial 2011

As you can see from the  picture taken earlier in the day, the car has little protection, especially upside down. Fortunately, and I have no idea how, both driver and passenger managed to walk away uninjured. The car suffered minor damage, including a smashed windscreen and no doubt all 3 will be trialing again in the near future.


For my complete set of pictures from the event.  

You can also download/print copies

Torbay Trial Video’s on Youtube. 

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