Stunning Northumberland

A very enjoyable few days in the stunning English county of Northumberland last week. An area I had neglected in favour of its much more high profile neighbour The lake District up until now. Wow, what a fabulous place!  Peace, tranquility and, compared to a very busy Lake District and my native Devon,empty of traffic and tourists.

Lindisfarne Castle, Holy island

We initially stayed with friends in Corbridge, East of Newcastle and just South of Hadrian’s Wall, visiting some of the roman sites in glorious Spring blue skies and sunshine. This included the English Heritage site “Vindolanda“, a  Roman fort and village just off Hadrians Wall. Quite a place with extensive ruins of the buildings that once occupied the site during the days of the Roman Empire.



Next it was North to Alnwick and a visit to the famous castle that is the seat of The Duke of Northumberland. Still used as a family home for part of the year. Quite a magnificent castle and grounds. Whilst we were the there the Daffodils had just reched their peak. Beautiful.


Alnwick Castle


Finding a place to camp near Bamburgh, we wandered along the deserted white sandy beaches and headed over to Holy Island, also known as Lindisfarne, where Edwin Lutyens the renowned architect with places to his name such as Castle Drogo in Devon and a large part of New Delhi, renovated the Lindisfarne Castle. Lindisfarne is also home to a now ruined Priory where Northumberland’s patron saint St Cuthbert was Abbot in the 10th Century.

Holy Island


Northumberland is truly stunning and a place I shall return as we only really touched the surface.


My full gallery of Northumberland photos. 


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