Witches and Dartmoor Bluebells

For those who venture only as far as Haytor when leaving the A38 at Bovey Tracey, you are missing a real treat as the Bluebells on Houndtor Down and Holwell lawn, an area linked with Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of the Baskervilles, are an absolute picture at the moment.

Just before you reach Hound Tor car park you are greeted with this vision of blue that just makes you want to go Wow!

So having helped out with the Teign Scouts sponsored walk on the Saturday and beng frustrated with the fact that the area was shrouded for most of the day in a typical Dartmoor mist, it was a return visit on the Sunday when the weather was supposed to be much improved. Much improved it was although the wind was so strong that a sunny period lasted seconds as the clouds raced across the sky.  So you had to have a quick and steady hand.

But it was worth it. Following our wanderings around the bluebells we then walked on to Hayne Down with the impressive ‘Bowerman’s Nose’ rock formation.

Bowerman's Nose


According to local legend, a huntsman called Bowerman lived on the moor about 1000yrs ago. When chasing a hare with a pack of dogs, they unwittingly disturbed a coven of witches, overturning their cauldron and disrupting their ceremony.  As witches do they decided to punish him. Next time he hunted, one witch turned herself into a hare, and lead Bowerman and his dogs into a mire. Then, if that wasn’t enough, turned them to stone. The dogs can be seen as a jagged chain of rocks on top of Hound Tor, and Bowerman became a landmark that is ‘Bowerman’s Nose’ on Hayne Down.

This is a fabulous and accessable part of tthe moor and certainly at this time of year, well worth a visit…… Even if its just to see the name of the refreshments van in Hound Tor car park. True inspiration!




full photo set for the day. 

Wiki entry on the Bowerman’s Nose  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowerman’s_Nose



One response to “Witches and Dartmoor Bluebells

  1. Thanks for the kind words Miles. Always lots to learn but they aren’t too bad.

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