The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Wild West Cornwall!

I love Cornwall. The people, the coastline, villages and moors, and of course the pasties. There are a lot of good things about Cornwall and unfortunately one or two not so good things as well as I experienced on my visit to West Cornwall a few weeks ago.

So, lets start with a negative and damn right ugly, Lamorna Cove. Yes the Lamorna Cove in West Cornwall situated between Mousehole and Porthcurno and best avoided unless you want to be victim of a stealth parking attendant in an unmarked car.

Lamorna Cove

Lamorna Cove: Copyright A Pewsey

Lamorna is a quiet cove with a cluster of buildings, breakwater and a car park at its end. A rocky shore reveals sand at low tide and it does have a certain charm along with many other coves that Cornwall is blessed with. So, not an unpleasant place to visit you’d think, which is exactly what I thought until last week.

Having purchased a rather expensive coffee from the cove cafe, we sat on a bench overlooking the breakwater. A lady in her car had just pulled up and was organizing herself like we all do when arriving in a car park before purchasing a ticket. A white Volvo Estate also pulled up, a fact announced by rather loud reversing beeps as the driver pulled into a space. The lady then left her vehicle and walked the 50 or so metres to the pay and display machine. Almost as soon as she left her car, we watched in disbelief as the Volvo driver left his car, and at break neck speed took photos of her vehicle and then slapped a parking fine on the drivers side window before heading off to the other half of the car park. Imagine the lady’s surprise when she returned with her ticket a minute later. She set off in hot pursuit but her protests were met on deaf ears with a story that seemed to indicate that he had given her 20 minutes before slapping on the parking fine. A fact we disputed as my camera time stamps each photo and shots taken before he arrived were apparently after he had parked.

I emailed the Cove owner  to let them know of the parking attendant’s tactics – which has revealed that this is far from an isolated case with stories being added too by others who have also seen him and witnessed his ‘antics’, but the owner is indifferent to the image this portrays and hence is happy with the way parking control is administered.

A little bit of research has revealed that the owner of Lamorna Cove and Cafe, Roy Stevenson, also happens to be the owner of Searchlight Security & Parking who employs the parking attendants and therefore sees the issuing of parking tickets as a nice little earner and doesn’t give a damn that his scheme is recognised as being unethical, with some saying his actions are that of a cowboy.  So have a look at this link and show your protest by submitting a poor review on Google Places! There have been a number submitted already. Further links are at the end of this blog.

Forum link –

There are many other places in the area to visit such as Porthcurno, Treen (you can park all day for £2 in Treen), Penberth, Mousehole, the list goes on, who are very happy to have your business and look after its customers and just as, if not more beautiful.

Lamorna Cove

Carn du point: : Copyright A Pewsey

So enough of the bad and the ugly and now for some good!

David and Susie have just set up the Lands End Hostel just a 1/4 mile from the famous landmark.


A fabulous location with views that stretch to the Scilly Isles on a clear day. It sleeps 12 people in 3 separate dormitories with a small kitchen, a bike shed ample parking, and is spotlessly clean. David and Suie are lovely too and I wish them well with the new venture. Just up the road from David and Susie’s bunkhouse is a fish and chip shop in Sennen (not Sennen Cove) next to Costcutter that serves fantastic food all freshly cooked. nom nom.

You also can not go to West Cornwall without visiting The Minack Theatre, Cornwall’s unique outdoor theatre that is cut into the granite cliffs above Porthcurno, overlooking the bay across to Logan Rock. Its a wonderful setting and well worth attending as the tickets are reasonably priced too.

Minack Theatre

The Minack with Logan Rock in the background

Just up the coast from Porthcurno is Treen with the magnificent rocky outcrop The Logan Rock dominating the beautiful bay. Well worth a visit and if you park at Treen village, car park for just £2 for the day next to the cafe – (serves Roskilly Ice cream amongst other delights), there is a nice short circular walk to take in the cove at Penberth and The Logan Rock. We were lucky enough to see a Kestrel hunting at Logan Rock, beautiful to watch and was so close to us.

Kestrel Hunting at Logan Rock

A hunting Kestrel at Logan Rock, Treen

So, there you have it, just a few high and low lights of West Cornwall. Do visit as its fabulous but I strongly suggest giving Lamorna Cove a very wide berth!


Article indicating Roy Stevenson’s attitude to the general public.

Searchlight Security is a member of the British Parking Assocaition. To register a complaint you will need to provide information at the following link.

Further Comments from people who have experienced his version of parking enforcement 

One response to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Wild West Cornwall!

  1. We were very interested in buying a cottage there. But found out we had to get the owner of the coves permission to let it as a holiday let. After reading all his antics we did not go ahead as he could have made life very difficult indeed.
    We now give this area a miss.

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