Autumn Colours

The time of year is upon us where the nights start drawing in and the rusty browns and oranges of Autumn become apparent.

Autumn Crocus Colours


Yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon walking around Dartington in Devon in the hope that the Chestnuts would be ready for picking. Still a bit early for them but instead we were greeted with some wonderful colours of Autumn. Not being flower expert I was surprised to plenty of Crocus in flower, reminded me more of Spring. 

There was, of course some fine examples of Squashes and Pumpkins. No autumn would be complete without a display of pumpkins!

Pumpkin & Squash Autumn Colours

The leaves are just beginning to turn too. Won’t be long before the Westonbirt Arboretum will be in full display. I’ve never been but I hear its spectacular.

Colourful Autumn Leaves

Finally we came across a ladybird with a deep interest in a chestnut casing that had been blown by the wind off the tree.

The Ladybird & the Chestnut


All in all. A lovely day and one that makes you glad to be alive.


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