Another busy weekend for the Rescue Team

This past weekend was a busy one for the Dartmoor Search & Rescue team (Ashburton), with 2 callouts and attending 2 events to both raise awareness of the team and provide support to a public event.

Abbots Way Walk 2011

What glorious weather we had this weekend. Its October and temperatures were in the mid 20’s degree C. Bonkers! Its Autumn hasn’t anyone bothered to let Mother Nature know??

With the great weather, out came the general public to make the most of it before normal British ‘summer’ weather service is resumed as normal later this week according to the forecast.

On Friday the team were called out to North Devon to assist the Police and the Exmoor SRT (Search & Rescue team) in finding a missing 78 year old lady from Dorset. The search still continues but team members had a hard long day searching in the heat.

On Saturday some team members manned a small Team stand at the South West Canoe Show in Exeter. An annual event held on Haven Banks. The weather couldn’t have been better meaning that plenty of people got to try out new kit in the Canal Basin. The members had an enjoyable day as we chatted with members of the public, rattled our collection tins and drooled over lots of lovely kit.


The Team is not just SAR on dry land but also has a Swift Water Team to assist the Police with water based rescues on waterways in Devon. This means team members have to gain qualification in water safety and rescue techniques as well as purchase expensive water kit.

To help with this expense, the team are looking for votes in the Natwest Community Force Project. So if you have 1 of your spare votes available they would really appreciate your support.

You can vote here.

Mid way through the afternoon another callout was rasied to assist the Ambulance service with an individual who had fallen on some local rocks. Fortunately the Ambulance was able to get close enough to the casualty to assist them and hence team members were stood down shortly afterwards.

Sunday and the second event of the weekend. The annual Abbots Way Walk. A walk from Buckfast to Tavistock along the historic Abbots Way trail, undertaken this year by 86 teams. The rescue group role is to man checkpoints, make sure teams are accounted for along the route, as well as provide safety cover in the event of incidents. In previous years the weather has been atrocious meaning individuals have had to be evacuated for hypothermia and various other problems. Not this year though as the temperature meant that the teams were at risk of overheating, dehydration and sunburn!

Abbots Way Walk 2011

With Ashburton team members at Cross Furze, Huntingdon Cross and a radio relay landrover at Avon Dam Reservoir, teams were safely seen through the section before being handed over to the Plymouth & Tavistock teams for the mid and end legs of the walk.

Abbots Way Walk 2011

Early afternoon, Ashburton team members were stood down and it was off for a well earned sandwich and a beer in the sun.



Dartmoor Search & Rescue team (Ashburton)

Police Appeal for information on missing person.

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