Dartmoor & the Devils Finger Fungi

We spent the afternoon today walking through the steep wooded river valley of the Dart above Newbridge on Dartmoor.

Tumbling Dart

The usual views of babbling waters and woods greeted us as we walked through the valley. A beautiful but dangerous area at any time of year, popular with kayakers and walkers. However as we ascended out of the valley and made our way back towards the carpark, we came across what was to us some very unusual fungi.


I think it’s a Devils Finger Fungi, Clathrus Archeri to give it its Latin name and a type of Stinkhorn. Quite rare by all acounts. Indiginous to Austrailia and Tasmania and is an introduced species to Europe and North America. Although the Wiki entry states it is found in shaded meadows and forests, there was no shade or forests anywhere near it!  Some other shots I have included in the slideshow below. 



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