Life is so fragile

Now and again events happen in your life that make you realise that our time on this planet is very precious, and the last few weeks has really hit home.

Notre Dame, Paris - Candles

I am in my late 40’s, meaning a large percentage of people I mix with are too. This seems to coincide, for me anyway, with my body beginning to fail causing the use of reading glasses and more frequent visits to the physio, GP and toilet! Nothing too serious so far for me, touch wood, but unfortunately, this has not been the case with some of my peers.

To start with, a very good 48 year old friend of many years standing, had a neurological episode which was serious enough to effect his previous very good memory. A man of high intellect and very good memory is now struggling to remember some names and places. Fortunately since it happened, he seems to be improving although his family are still waiting for a diagnosis for what has happened, and more importantly, what treatment (if any) need to be undertaken to prevent it happening again. Uncertain times for them and the NHS doesn’t seem to be helping too much in bringing the uncertaincy to a speedy resolution.

Autumn Crocus Colours

The greatest fear for many, is that their partner will walk out the door to work, the shops, or the pub, and never come back, meaning they never get to say goodbye properly. And this happened to a work colleague, who was also a friend 2 weeks ago.

Jim was walking home alone on a Saturday night when he was hit by 3 cars and fatally hurt. He was just 43. He leaves behind a wife and 2 young children who never had the chance to say goodbye. He was a lovely man and I had the pleasure of knowing and working with him. A very warm human being and a respected professional. He was part of a small team that I headed up that worked on a key product for Virgin Media.

Our meetings were something to look forward too not just getting the work done, but having fun at the same time. Jim was always late frequently getting lost on his way – even with a Satnav – even with 2 satnavs! There are many stories retold of Jim’s exploits in traveling to meetings. One event, although the exact details escape me, was where he fought his way through horrific traffic to a meeting in Crawley. Arriving late to an empty car park, he rang one of his colleagues to find out where they were, only to be told they were in Croydon!

He was one of life’s lovely people. A key member in his local community heavily involved with sports clubs and training juniors. He will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure in knowing him. Rest in peace Jim.

Finally, over the weekend, somebody I know through Facebook was competing on a motorbike and sidecar in the Tamar Classic Car and Motorbike Trial. On one of the sections they lost control of the bike and unfortunately both the driver and passenger suffered a broken leg each. If that wasn’t bad enough, the reason I first came across them was the subject of one of my first blog posts. They had an accident in the 2010 Torbay Trial resulting in the driver suffering a broken femur, ribs and various other injuries and being rescued by the Devon Air Ambulance.

Patient Evacuation

So, its been a few weeks reflecting on life and how fragile it is. Live life to the full and try not to part with a friend or family member on bad terms, as you may never get the opportunity to put things right.


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