Around Rippon Tor, Dartmoor

An autumn Sunday and a bit of freshair around Rippon, Pil and Top Tor, just to the East of their more famous brother, the ‘Tourist Mecca’ that is Haytor.

Starting at the car park at NGR SX 748 762, we followed the obvious path up the Northside of Rippon Tor to a gate through the wall that blocks your progress to the summit. From here, a view across to Saddle Tor and Haytor rewards you.

Haytor View

The gate is about half way in height climbed to the top but the climb is well worth the effort with a fine vista opening before you with views to Cold East Cross to the South and beyond.

Rippon Tor

This particular day we chose to walk down to Hemsworthy Gate, past Stittlefords Cross at NGR SX 74247 76048. This is an engraved cross in the stonewall erected by Rawlin Mallock whose family occupied Cockington Court for 12 generations,  to find a route through the marshy area that is Blackslade Mire. Walking past the top of the Foales Arrishes bronze age settlement, and to our target that is the Cairn and Cist Burial Chamber on Blackslade Down at NGR SX 724 755.

Next stop Tunhill Rocks to break open the flask and the scotch eggs and admire the view across to Widecombe in the Moor.


Autumn on Tunhill Rocks

From our refreshments stop at Tunhill Rocks it was a wander up to Pil Tor and across to Top Tor before heading back to the car.

Autumn Graze


A short walk on a Sunday afternoon, but a pleasent one made even more spectacular by the afternoon autumn sun.



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