A Dartmoor photo, Warhorse & The Telegraph

Daily Telegraph feature image

Imagine my delight, when I was contacted by a freelance who works for the Dartmoor Tourism Partnership, regarding an image of mine being used as the main image in a feature in the Daily Telegraph.


The image is one I have had some success with already. It came second in Dartmoor National Park’s 60th birthday celebration photography competition last year, the prize of which was the image being made into a canvas print which now hangs with some pride on our bedroom wall.

Delight tinged with disappointment

So Saturday comes and I eagerly visit the local newsagent to pick up my copy. Straight to the Travel section and bang! There it is in all its glory, taking up half a page on the frontpage. Wow! It looked amazing. So I check for my name as I was promised that I would be credited …… no name. My joy turns to disappointment as nobody now has any idea that the image is mine.

My image

Riders on Hameldown.

One response to “A Dartmoor photo, Warhorse & The Telegraph

  1. Congratulation for your success !!! Al Pewsey.This is a Nice Image you have captured.Liked it.

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