From a Kodak Instamatic to a digital SLR

I have been a keen photographer since a family friend brought my first Kodak Instamatic when I was about 8 for my birthday. A Kodak Instamatic 25 that took the 126 cartridge film popular at the time. I kept the camera for years using it on summer holidays and school trips using first black and white film and then colour. Post continues …….

Kodak Instamatic 25

Once a teenager I upgraded to one of the new ‘state of the art’ consumer 110 film cartridge Kodak Instamatics.  A Kodak Ektra 200 with the ‘all the rage’ flip cases that magically turned into a handle. Next it was an Kodak Tele-EktraLite  600. Not just with the same type of said snazzy case and handle, but also a telephoto lens. Amazing!

Kodak Tele-Ektralite 600

By now my interest in photography was growing. Especially as my Uncle John was a keen photographer with his own home darkroom and an Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera. This used 35mm film – the choice of many professionals – and a whole range of interchangeable lenses. For over a year I saved the £2.10 weekly salary of my morning paper round into my Post office account to buy my very own SLR camera. An Olympus OM10.

Olympus OM10 (w/manual adapter)

Cometh the day I cycled around the corner to Rivermead Road post office in Exeter to withdraw the £100 needed to buy the camera. I had carefully researched the best (cheapest) shop to buy my camera, Comet in Exeter that was at the time a small shop just off Sidwell Street. I cycled nervously with the £100 in my coat pocket to the shop expecting that every thief in Exeter would immediately know I was carrying a load of cash and it would be only a matter of time before I was mugged. Excitement turned to disappointment when the shop had sold out so the long cycle home – with cash – to wait a week before one came in and to repeat the exercise.

The OM10 was my pride and joy and I looked after my prize possession, adding accessories and lenses as I went until I upgraded to a black OM2. The same camera as my Uncle John. My OM10 went to a good home as I sold it to a school friend. Never asked her what she did with it.

I progressed from film to digital photography in recent years and now own a Nikon D300 digital SLR. She is my new baby and I am proud to own her. 

File:Nikon D300 Body.jpg

 The settings possible on a modern SLR are quite daunting so having had no real training in photography I decided to engage the help of Gary King who advertised photography workshops on his website. He takes lovely images of the coast and Dartmoor and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with him on the moor learning about the camera settings and how and when to use them, as well as filters and composition. My results from the workshop are below and I am quite pleased with them. Can’t wait to try out my new found skills. Thanks Gary






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