Being videoed for a new LEJOG DVD

Cycling LEJOG

For our story of our LEJOG trip, click Cycling Lands End to John O’Groats

In 2003 I, along with 3 friends, cycled LEJOG, Lands End to John O’Groats, one end of the British mainland to the other over a distance of 1066 miles for our particular route. A fabulous journey I would recommend anybody to do. So I was surprised and flattered to be asked 9 years later to be interviewed and filmed for a new DVD to be produced about LEJOG and the route we used.


I have been interviewed before for LEJOG, but only via email and no video involved. Graham and Will travelled down from Newbury on a warm and sunny day to my home

in Devon. Graham is no stranger to the media industry as its his day job. Hence my expectation of a small video camera from Comet and a dictaphone was rapidly dismissed as Graham unloaded various broadcast quality cameras, tripods and sound equipment from his car and set them up in my back garden. Fortunately as the sun was shining, none of his lighting equipment was needed as I would’ve needed a bigger garden!!


I was wired up to a radio mic and positioned around our garden table with Will who was going to act as my interveiwer. Over the next couple of hours under Graham’s direction, Will asked me various questions about the trip and our route as our fingers made there way steadily to the top of the map on the table.

The interview was very enjoyable and brought back lots of happy memories of our trip as I waxed lyrical of our experience. Once I get started its hard to get me to stop and we finished the interview just as Graham ran out of tape!


The reason for the interview is since my trip I have established a website that offers advice for anybody to have a go themselves, and has become very popular, along with the route we devised. Graham & Will are cycling their own 2 week LEJOG in September and are producing the DVD as part of their fundraising activities.  Graham’s first DVD, ‘Lands End to John O’Groats, a cyclists guide’ was produced 3 years ago as he acted as cameraman for another trip that took just 7 days to do the End-to-End,  and has proved to be very succesful giving lost of advice on preparation, nutrition, etc,  as well as the trip itself.  The new dvd will raise money for ‘Help for Hero’s’ as well as a local (to Graham and Will) childrens hospice. You can buy the 1st dvd below with Graham’s new DVD on his trip due for release next year, I can’t wait to see the results!

Land’s End to John O’Groats – A cyclist’s g…



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