Brilliant customer service

More often than not, social media, apart from being packed with posts on what individuals had for lunch, is packed with punters broadcasting the fact that a certain company has #failed. I hold my hand up on this one too and I have frequently highlighted companies displaying appalling customer service such as Garden Buildings Direct & Lamorna Cove. So it is very nice for once to highlight a range of companies who have excelled in delivering brilliant customer service.


My hall of fame starts with The Lands End Hostel.

I run a website that is targeted to help people who wish to cycle the great British end-to-end. Lands End to John O’Groats or LEJOG. If you do it the other way it becomes JOGLE. The site has become reasonably sucessful with over 100,000 hits as I write. Because of this I frequently get contacted by people asking me to advertise their businesses. I will only accept the request if I can personally endorse the service or product they offer and this is how I became aware of David and Susie’s hostel.


Susie contacted me and asked me to put an advert for their business on the frontpage. As I was visiting Cornwall shortly after Susie’s email I decided to have a look myself and popped in unannounced a week or so later. I was impressed. It’s spotless and they do everything they can to make their guests feel welcome with incredible attention to detail. So I gladly recommended their business and popped back again last week as I was again in Cornwall. They have now opened a B&B room as well which is equally plush. They have also built a bike shelter and provide some bike tools for guests should they need to do a bit of maintenance. All part of the customer service. Highly recommended!

They are also on Facebook.

Next on the hall of fame is World of Camping.

Last Christmas we bought a joint Christmas present, a nice posh Royal Hampton 4 tent, complete with a carpet and an extension. Our existing tents were all small lightweight versions which are fine, but when you are camping for a week or more, you crave to have a tent you can stand up in and sit on a proper chair without having your head pressed against the roof! The Hampton fitted the bill and we took it for a test drive last week on The Lizard, a full 8 months after we brought it.

We arrived at the camp site and started to erect the tent. All going well as we progressed to the extension. As we unfolded the extension we found the plastic windows had stuck together and as we prised them apart, a small part of the window plastic on one window remained stuck to the second window leaving 2 small holes behind. Bugger!


So, on return home I emailed World of Camping explaining what happened and asked them if there was anything that could be done. WIthin hours, I had been contacted by Sarah form their sales team who informed me they would replace the extension and that a new one would be with me in a day or 2. Amazing. No argument just great customer service exceeding my expectations. So, I shall be shopping there again in the very near future as we buy a few extras for the tent to make our camping even more comfortable. By the way, we are very impressed with the tent as well. Superb.

Next on the list is the Fat Apple Cafe just outside Porthallow on The Lizard. A lady has just set up a cafe and had opened the week before. As we passed we thought we’d stop for a tea and we were treated to polite and friendly service and a great value pot of tea and a cake. Lovely. I so hope they do well so they are still in buiness next time we visit the area.

Just up the road from the Fat Apple is the Five Pilchards Inn on the beachside at Porthallow. We booked in for an evening meal there and enjoyed some wonderful food, a great pint of ale and attentive and friendly service. You really can’t ask for more and again we will be back!

So, thanks to all the business’ above. How nice to celebrate brilliant customer service.

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