Classic motorbike and sidecar roadtrip

1204 Miles from Devon, England to Pisa, Italy

For the last few years my pal Dick, myself and a few others have been sharing extended roatrips across Europe on a classic DNEPR Motorbike and sidecar combination.

Our route from Devon to Pisa

Our route from Devon to Pisa

The bike is a 1981 DNEPR MT10-36 with 2wd, commonly known as a ‘Cossack’ which includes other bikes such as the Urals.

Its all about the journey not the destination

A 1981 DNEPR MT10-36 with 2wd motorbike and sidecar

The 1981 DNEPR MT10-36 with 2wd motorbike and sidecar

As the bike cruises at a leisurely 35 mph roughly, we stay off the major roads and follow the often beautiful B-roads of the UK and Europe. This means that rather than the A to B fastest route possible, we take out time and enjoy the route and meeting people along the way.

These days motorbike and sidecars are a rarity on European roads, so we frequently attract attention not just because of the engine noise, but also of the spectacle of 2 grown men with a striking similarity to Wallace and Grommit!

This year’s roadtrip

This year’s Cossack tour took us over 10 days from Devon in the south west of England, across the south to London and down to Dover for the ferry across to Calais, France. From there it was down the east side of France, past many memorials to those who lost their lives in the Great War (WW1), across into a very wet Switzerland and over the mighty St Bernard Pass in the snow into the Aosta Valley in Italy. From there worked our way south to Pisa and the journey’s end for me.

DNEPR MT10-36 2wd at St Bernards Pass, Switzerland in the snow

Dick and the Cossack on St Bernards Pass, Switzerland

Dick, the owner of the bike, returned to the UK via a slightly shorter route with another fried who swapped with me at Pisa. For me, my wife joined me in Pisa and we spent a lovely week touring the beautiful Tuscany and Umbria regions of Italy before heading home.

Film of our trip.

I’ve compiled the following film of our trip, I hope you enjoy it.

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