The finest view in England?

Sutton Bank, North York Moors National Park

A recent visit to Yorkshire to attend a Mountain Rescue conference in Leeds gave me the opportunity to briefly explore the area. This lead me to Sutton Bank in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

Sutton Bank the finest view in England according to James Herriot

The finest view in England according to James Herriot

Apparently Yorkshire author James Herriot, famous for his series of books about his life as a Yorkshire vet, declared the view from the Sutton Bank escarpment over the Vale of Mowbray and the Vale of York, the “finest in England”.

Now, I think you’ll agree that even my mediocre effort to capture the view shows it to be not to shabby, but is it the best in England?

The Southwest is best!

I am fortunate to live in the South West of England where we are blessed with some fabulous coastal and moorland scenery, and in my modest opinion, I think there is more than one view that could seriously challenge for the title not just in Devon, but also across Cornwall and Dorset. To be honest I don’t think Sutton Bank would make it into my top 10.

The stunning view across the bay to Logan Rock, Treen near Porthcurno in Cornwall

The fabulous Logan Rock, Treen in Cornwall

Having also visited many parts of England and the UK there are many other locations where I think Sutton Bank ‘finest’ title would be put under pressure such as the Lake District, Northumberland, The Peak District, the list goes on. But what makes a good view? Is it a breathtaking view of the countryside or a cityscape, views and photography can be very subjective.

Ultimately does it matter? The British Isles is blessed with some fabulous views jam-packed into a relatively small space which change with the seasons throughout the year. Whether they are the best or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that a view is memorable to you and gives you a sense of well being and enjoyment for whatever reason.

So, forget the obsession with what’s best, Get Outside and enjoy the British countryside in all its glory and discover your own finest views. If you need some inspiration visit the Ordnance Survey ‘Get Outside’ website:

If you have any fabulous views you’d like to share to encourage people to ‘Get Outside’ and explore this fabulous country of ours, do let me know.

Sutton Bank is worth a visit for a breath of fresh air if you are in the area. There is a national park visitor centre and plenty of parking (pay and display). For more info go to: North York Moors website

Some inspiration

If you needed to have some inspiration to explore England, CNN have put together 31 of England’s most beautiful places to visit

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