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The novelty of being interviewed

Gareth Roulston and 4 friends are cycling the Great British End-to-End, or as it’s also known, LEJOG (Lands End to John O’Groats) in April 2010. You may have heard about this particular challenge when David Walliams, Davina and Co completed the challenge for Sport Relief last year, although they did it as a relay rather than cycling the complete journey. Gareth and his team will all be cycling every metre of the 1000 Miles over 10 days and raising funds for Cancer Research UK and the Scleroderma Society in the process. So why am I telling you this?

Lands End to John O'Groats. Finished!

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A few inches of snow have fallen overnight

Waking up to a white Woodbury Salterton. Only about 3-4 inches of snow but that is unusual in this part of The World. And with the sun out, it was a stunning beautiful winters day 


Hindsight is a wonderful thing

I’ve never been top of the class, academically, sport, or otherwise, always Mr Average. I’m not complaining though as frequently others have that skill and drive that I don’t. Whether it be 16 year old Tom Daly who has just won 2 Gold’s at the Commonwealth Games on top of superb GCSE results during the summer, or somebody who has a particular skill or passion such as Rachel Carter and her creative writing, or the self confidence and quickness of mind that means they can light up a room when they walk in like my larger than life mate Hummers. Although I will never have that level of skill or confidence, it doesn’t stop me from admiring them and others. Continue reading

A Harvest Spider tucks into his dinner.

OK, I know as we are in the depths of winter Harvest Spiders have long disappeared, but I found these photo’s on my camera and thought I would share them. The garden was full of them this autumn and I kept them fed by placing Daddy Longlegs in their webs.


To Keith and Dawn

Whilst most of the Country has been experiencing, lets say, ‘indifferent weather’ this week, I have been lucky enough to spend a week in North Devon with more than my fair share of sunshine.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Keith and Dawn Sanders for many years and this year not only do they both hit the magic number of 50, but they also manage to coordinate their 25th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, and boy can they celebrate………


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A very relaxing couple of days at Bovey Castle

Just outside North Bovey on Dartmoor in Devon, lies the manor originally built for WH Smith called Bovey Castle – formerly The Manor House Hotel. A fabulous location, beautiful grounds and lovely staff made our time there fantastically relaxing. We’ll be back.

Tea at Bovey Castle

Tea at Bovey Castle