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My journey to work through a winter wonderland


OK, so I admit the snow is a bit of a novelty for me still as in the SW we get very little fall of any significance. It still retains its beauty and at times like this living in a rural area you see the countryside at its absolute best. A real winter wonderland.


A few inches of snow have fallen overnight

Waking up to a white Woodbury Salterton. Only about 3-4 inches of snow but that is unusual in this part of The World. And with the sun out, it was a stunning beautiful winters day 


Finally, a sprinkling of snow arrives in East Devon


Only a sprinkling but will make the journey into work mildly interesting.

The show will go on but not without the help of a lot of people behind the scenes.

This year was the 26th year of our annual village show. I’m not talking fruit and veg here – although maybe a few lemons – but a variety show taking place at the end of November where village residents get up on stage and sing a song, do a sketch or come up with other ideas to keep the audience entertained, amused and returning year after year, raising money for charity in the process.

Tickets go on sale for the 3 performances at 9am on the first Saturday of November and, like Take That, Saturday night is usually sold out by 9:15 with Friday being sold out shortly after. No reports of Ticketmaster web servers crashing although Cyril’s cuppa gets cold sometimes.


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749 soldiers die and a village lost to the sea. A walk around Start Point, South Devon.

Today was one of those days when it is great to be alive.  That special autumn light with sun, bright blue skies and clear air. The view extended for miles.

As it was such a nice day, and being lucky enough to live in Devon, we decided to head towards Slapton Ley and Beesands in the South Hams in South Devon. A beautiful drive through the rolling Devon hills past Totnes and Dartmouth before hitting the coast road at Strete. Continue reading

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

I’ve never been top of the class, academically, sport, or otherwise, always Mr Average. I’m not complaining though as frequently others have that skill and drive that I don’t. Whether it be 16 year old Tom Daly who has just won 2 Gold’s at the Commonwealth Games on top of superb GCSE results during the summer, or somebody who has a particular skill or passion such as Rachel Carter and her creative writing, or the self confidence and quickness of mind that means they can light up a room when they walk in like my larger than life mate Hummers. Although I will never have that level of skill or confidence, it doesn’t stop me from admiring them and others. Continue reading

A Harvest Spider tucks into his dinner.

OK, I know as we are in the depths of winter Harvest Spiders have long disappeared, but I found these photo’s on my camera and thought I would share them. The garden was full of them this autumn and I kept them fed by placing Daddy Longlegs in their webs.